Check out Shawn's Thunder Road results below, and be sure to cheer him on; the first weekend of October is his final race and if he holds on to his lead, he'll be the champion!

August 4th Race: Shawn finished 4th!

August 8th Race: He finished 13th, which he wasn't happy with, but then:

August 16th Race: Shawn finished 8th and boosted himself to 2nd in points, just 3 points away from the lead!

August 18th Race: He finished 10th but gained back the point lead by 15 points!!

August 23rd Race: He finished 7th, keeping the point lead by 13 points!

August 29th Race: Shawn finished 11th; it started raining and shortened the race, so he was back in 2nd place with 9 points separating him and the lead, and just two races left to go.

September 1st Race: Shawn finished 4th! And he gained back the lead by 20 points! Like we said before, he has just one race left and is in the lead! We'll keep cheering him on and wish him the best of luck in one month where he'll hopefully be taking home the championship! Go Shawn!