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  • 802 Toyota
    The Staff at 802 Toyota
    (802) 922-9775

    The friendly and experienced staff at 802 Toyota are here for your sales, parts and service needs.

    Allow us to demonstrate our commitment to excellence and our commitment to you! Our departments are staffed with energetic salespeople, managers and experienced, professional business managers. Each of our dedicated employees is eager to share their enthusiasm and knowledge about the Toyota brand and 802 Toyota.

  • Steve Kelson
    General Manager
    (802) 224-7273

    Steve Kelson started his career in the automotive industry in 1996 as a lot porter and has since been in several positions on the sales side.

    Steve loves the car business and brings a positive attitude to the workplace every day. His advice to a new Toyota owner is to "take the time to find the perfect car. Ask lots of questions, that's what we are here for, and do some research online to help find your next car."

    Steve is married and expecting his first child in March. He also has a chocolate labrador named Louie, who joins him at the dealership a few times a week! Steve enjoys spending time with his wife and friends, either getting to the mountain for a powder day or enjoying some lake time on his boat in summer.

    Be in touch with Steve if you have any questions or concerns about your experience at the dealership. 

  • Cat Arnold
    General Sales Manager
    (802) 224-7243

    Cat enjoys running and working out, boating on Lake Champlain, and spending time with her friends and family. She is a graduate of Gettysburg College and previously coached women's basketball at UVM. Cat loves football and basketball and is a NY Giants fan. She would like to check 'going to Super Bowl' off her bucket list one day. If she could have any job for a day she would be a waterslide tester. Cat is married to a guy named Mike, and her favorite places to travel are Southern California, the Caribbean (basically anywhere warm), or any place where there is family. 

    Cat likes working at 802 Toyota because "I really like who I work for and who I work with. The people make all the difference in the world for me."  Her advice to new Toyota owners is to "spend the time at delivery to get to know your car, there are is a lot of technology most people don't even know they have because they want to rush out of here."

  • Shane Clawson
    Sales Manager
    (802) 224-7244

    Shane Clawson started as Business Manager at 802 Toyota in May 2013 and became Sales Manager in early 2018. He enjoys working here because of the simple fact that "the dealerships goal is to make happy customers." 

    Before settling down in New Hampshire, Shane lived in Arizona, California and England. He is a fan of football and enjoys drinking Fiddlehead Mastermind IPA. He can't get enough of Italian food at his favorite restaurant Colatina Exit Ristorante in Bradford, VT. 

    Shane has an adventurous side too. He enjoys riding dirtbikes, four wheelers and going on vacation. His favorite vacation spot is the US Virgin Islands. Shane loves spending time with his wife and two boys, Bowen and Camden.

  • Samuel Wright
    Finance Manager
    (802) 224-7240

    Sam Wright, a graduate of Paul Smith's College, has worked in the restaurant and construction industries before joining the auto business at 802 Toyota. Sam enjoys spending time at his home with his wife, two daughters, and their cat. 

    Sam's advice to new Toyota owners is "if you ever have questions about the car, don't be afraid to give us a call.  I have a customer from CT who still calls me for help with his Bluetooth years after we met." 

  • Justin Messier
    Finance Manager
    (802) 224-7263

    Justin Messier is a Vermont native and Castleton University graduate that recently moved back to VT after living in Colorado. He plays for a local men's softball team and also enjoys snowboarding, disc golf, and cars. He likes any food off the BBQ and his favorite restaurant is Koto Japanese Steak House. He enjoys working at 802 Toyota because "I believe in the product I sell. Everyone is very friendly and helpful." Justin has a yellow Lab named Zoe!

  • Courtney Amphavanna
    Business Development Manager
    (802) 224-7231

    Courtney Amphavanna enjoys spending time with her family, going on hikes, beach picnics (basically only warm weather activities). She is a born and raised Vermonter, but likes to hibernate in the winter. Courtney loves the road trips she takes with her husband Brian, son Chris and daughter Brielle down the east coast. She hopes to one day travel to Thailand & Laos to explore her husband's culture. If she could do another job for a day she would be a stay-at-home mom, but she doesn't think she could handle it for more than a day. 

    Courtney likes working at 802 Toyota because of "the people. We are a family here and even though we fight like brothers and sisters sometimes, at the end of the day they are my people and I love them." Her advice to new Toyota owners is to enjoy it! Toyota vehicles are very practical and safe vehicles, which is great, but they are also a lot of fun to drive!"

  • Sarah Weston
    Business Development Representative
    (802) 224-7262

    Sarah Weston is a Vermont native that loves cheese & red wine. Her favorite eatery is Panera Bread and her first job was at Shaw's Supermarket. She likes working at 802 Toyota because of the "great environment and the support from everyone" she works with. Sarah has a black lab mix named Shen and a three year old daughter named Olivia Anne.

  • Tess Lawson
    Business Development Rep
    (802) 224-7298

    Tess Lawson went to Montpelier High School and has also lived in San Diego, CA, but her favorite place to be is with her family. She likes to spend time with her daughters, Autumn and Aria, whether it's swimming, playing at the park, and going on walks. If Tess could do any job for a day it would be working in a sanctuary for African wildlife. She loves doing anything that will make a difference in the world. In the future, she would love to travel to someplace tropical, anywhere the water is blue and the weather is warm.
    Tess loves her kids, they bring her so much joy and happiness. She has two daughters: Autumn who is three years old, and the definition of a wild child - the girl never stops moving. And Aria, she is very smiley, has a great sense of humor, and loves her big sister.
    Tess likes working at 802 Toyota because "because of the energy! People are very friendly, and genuinely care about your success! This company pushes you to be a better employee than you were the day before. Success is just as important to them as it is to yourself."

  • Dave Guilmette
    Master Certified Sales and Leasing Consultant/Certified Expert Truck Consultant
    (802) 224-7255

    Mr. Guilmette knows the area better than anyone else, "I've lived here on this land where the dealership is today, and learned to drive my dad's truck out in the field." He has been with 802 Toyota for nearly 20 years and is the recipient of many Sales Awards and Certificates, including the Silver (2001) and Bronze (2002-2008), and Truck Champion (2007-2010). 

    When he is not spending time outside hunting, camping, fly fishing and tying flies with his children. Dave enjoys reading Henry David Thoreau. 

    Why buy your next car from Dave? "I'm old school, and will be there for you as long as you want."

  • Joe Gaines
    Toyota Certified Sales & Leasing Consultant
    (802) 224-7245

    Joe Gaines has worked for Toyota for the past 19 years and has been in the car business since 1994. Joe is originally from Port Gibson, Mississippi, but moved to New England in 2007. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family and watching football. Joe is married and has two sons and a daughter.

  • Corey Morine
    Toyota Certified Sales and Leasing Consultant
    (802) 224-7238

    Corey Morine has lived in Vermont since July of 2013, and has spent time living in Oregon, Chicago, Virginia, Boston and Bahrain. Educated in the U.S. Navy in Guns and Radar, Corey was able to travel both below the Equator and above the Arctic circle while serving. A man of many skills, Corey makes his own beer and hard cider, and also has the special talent of primitive fire making.

    If Corey were a car, he'd be a "Tacoma double, because I brush up well enough to go into town, but I prefer to be working in the woods." He loves selling cars because he gets to hear everyone's stories and meet new people, and he particularly enjoys selling the used Corolla and new RAV4.

    Come see Corey today, and make sure to ask him about the tallest tree he's ever climbed!

  • Dan O'Connor
    Used Car Sales Consultant

    Dan O'Connor is a Manhattan College graduate who has spent time living in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. Dan's favorite food is seafood, his favorite restaurant is The Palm on Second Ave and the best concert he's been to was his wife's choral society's concert at Avery Fisher Hall. He loves to watch football, play golf and enjoys a fun dance to Tom Petty's American Girl. Come to 802 Toyota and ask Dan about his trips to every state in the Union.

  • David Fields
    Sales & Leasing Consultant
    (802) 224-7288

    More info about David will be coming soon!

  • Phillip Heinz
    Sales & Leasing Consultant
    (802) 224-7289

    Phillip Heinz has lived in Oregon, Louisiana, Florida and Virginia, but now he and his family operate a small farm in East Montpelier, VT. On the farm there are two dogs named Lucy and Loki, a cat named Alex, twelve pigs, nine sheep, a mess of ducks and rabbits, and don't forget his wife and three daughters! Phillip's favorite sports are soccer and football and enjoys listening to Neil Diamond. Phillip graduated from Union Institute & University and likes working at 802 Toyota because "it is a relaxed, straight forward place to do business."

  • Chris Relation
    Sales & Leasing Consultant
    (802) 224-7218

    Chris Relation used to be a body builder before being sidelined by injury and his past jobs include sole proprietor for Freihofer's Baking and a chef. He enjoys going to concerts and theme parks with his wife and would love to go to Disney World. His personal philosophy is 'life is not a rehearsal so enjoy every day like it's your last.' Lake George is his favorite place to travel to and, other than Vermont, he has lived in Florida and Montana. Him and his wife have a 4 year old, very spoiled cat named Nikki. He likes working at 802 Toyota because "I really enjoy helping people and genuinely care about helping them in their buying process."

  • Joe Melkonian
    Sales & Leasing Consultant
    (802) 224-7276

    Joe's favorite place to be is on top of a mountain, looking down on Vermont. He enjoys hiking, good food, and nice people. Joe went to Spaulding High School, but spent 3 years at Barre Technical School. He has a big family and he likes to live everyday free and happy. If he could, he would like to spend a day trying to keep up with professional race car drivers. 

    Joe likes working at 802 Toyota because "I love cars and learning about new design or technology, and really enjoy helping people get what they want. I also love how close we are to the community, I believe I am surrounded by people that care, and I make new friends every day."

  • Cody Barclay
    Sales and Leasing Consultant
    (802) 224-7221

    Cody Barclay is a Barre, VT, native and graduated from Spaulding High School. Before he was in the car industry he sold insurance and was a housekeeper at Smuggler's Notch. One of Cody's all-time favorite places to go is Old Orchard Beach in Maine. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking with his girlfriend and his dog, Marley. 

    Cody likes working at 802 Toyota because "I have worked at other dealers and I have to say this is the best one I have worked at. They management here works hard to make sure we improve as sale consultants and as individuals. There is a lot of pride in making sure customers are treated with the utmost respect as well.

  • Michael Waggoner
    Sales Assistant

    Michael Waggoner has lived in Vermont, Maine, Missouri, Kansas and Minnesota - where he attended college at the University of Minnesota. Michael's first job was delivering newspapers, his favorite place to travel to is Nova Scotia, his favorite restaurant is Ladder One, and he enjoys watching NFL Football. He also enjoys everything from traveling, helping various community organizations, meeting new people, to helping people in need. 

    Michael has two sons and two daughters. He also has two dogs: a mix named Stella and a miniature schnauzer named Greyson; and three cats: Oreo, Salem, and Muszbe. 

    Michael likes working at 802 Toyota because of "the teamwork, the staff helping each other, and a variety of great products to sell!"

  • Jennifer Smith
    Sales Assistant
    (802) 224-7262

    Jennifer loves cars, guitars and dogs. She has surfed from sea to shining sea and jammed with gods of guitar. Her Toyota truck was stolen just days after she arrived in Los Angeles in 1986 - everybody wants one. 

    Here in Vermont she has a giant poodle names Boris and an adorable yellow lab named Fiona. Music is her key of life and 70's rock sound is her home base. Speaking of home base, she witnessed the 18th perfect game in the history of baseball. 

  • Peter Sinclair
    Sales Assistant
    (802) 224-7237

    Peter attended Hesser College in New Hampshire, and, other than Vermont, he has lived in New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Arizona. His favorite place to travel to is the US Virgin Islands and he loves eating pizza! Peter has been a musician since he was 12 years old and in his spare time, he plays guitar in a rock band, while also dabbling in audio/video production. Peter is married, has five children and one grandson.

    Peter Sinclair enjoys working with people and helping them find the right vehicle to fit their lifestyle. He says "there really is a Toyota product for everyone!" 

  • Steven Reese
    Service & Parts Director
    (802) 224-7247

    Steve Reese, a New York native (though he hates to admit it) who has lived in Vermont for over 30 years loves cooking and can fix anything. He's currently building an earth oven, he is talented at woodworking, and his favorite possession is his table saw. Steve's first job was as a dishwasher, but now he loves working at 802 Toyota because he's "empowered to put the customer first". If Steve was a car, he'd be the Toyota Prius, "because it's economical" and if he could travel anywhere in the world it'd be "where it was stress free". This Vermonter at heart loves Otter Creek Stove Pipe Porter, and any VT creemee stand. 

    Come visit Steve with any questions or requests you may have!

  • Lynne Cochran
    TXM Advisor

    Lynne Cochran is originally from Connecticut and enjoys hiking, reading, watching tv,  and playing the Sims on her computers. Lynne's personal philosophy is to "live life to the fullest and always tell people you love them because you never know when it will be your last day." Her favorite place to be is anywhere outside with the sun shining down and her favorite place to travel is to Florida to visit family. She wants to check 'buying a house' off her bucket list and if she could have any job for one day she would be nurse on the labor and delivery floor. 

    Lynne has a beautiful daughter, Tessa, born August 2017. Tessa is her motivation to be a better person and provide everything she could need and want in this life.

    Lynne's advice to new Toyota owners is to take the time to do the proper maintenance on the vehicle now so it will last a long time. She likes working at 802 Toyota because "I love my coworkers here. They are like a second family to me. I also like learning about cars. Every day I learn something new here." 

  • Tessa Harvey
    Service Coordinator

    Tessa Harvey loves to kayak, paint, draw, and hang out with friends and family. She loves to be in the woods and her dream job would be a zookeeper or veterinarian for exotic animals. Her personal philosophy is "everyday can't be the best day; do what you can right now. Don't hesitate. -Atmosphere." 

    Tessa went to Williamstown High and a goddaughter! Tessa likes working at 802 Toyota because " I like working with people, and making customers happy!"

  • Perry Fleming
    Service Advisor
    (802) 224-7256

    Perry Fleming, a Vermont native and graduate of Whitcomb High School, has been working at 802 Toyota since 2010! Perry's favorite food is pizza, but he loves the Onion Flats restaurant in Bethel, Vt. His favorite season is mud season, his favorite sport is bowling, and if he were a Ben and Jerry's flavor it would be Chocolate Fudge Brownie. 

  • Tony Anjos
    Service Advisor
    (802) 224-7284

    More about Tony will be coming soon!

  • Tim Pratt
    Service Advisor

    More about Tim will be coming soon!

  • Tim Wheatley
    Parts Manager
    (802) 224-7253

    Tim Wheatley was born and raised in Vermont and enjoys a good Switchback, camping, hunting and playing sports such as basketball, softball, and golf. He sure has some great fun facts about himself; he loves Under Armour, his favorite song is Antidote, by Travis Scott, he and his Dad are missing the same tooth, he's never eaten a hamburger, he loves cats, and he's never broken a bone in his body. 

    Oh, and he thinks Magic Johnson is better than Michael Jordon (to name a few). Tim has a knack for remembering numbers, his favorite place to eat is Ladder 1 Grill, and the best concert he's ever been to was the Backstreet Boys, "I was 12 thank you!"

    Tim believes that if he were a car he'd be the Toyota 4Runner, "because it's stylish, sporty and has a hint of ruggedness about it." Tim loves working at 802 Toyota because of "the joy of helping people out", so come on in and see him today!

  • Phil Lord
    Parts Consultant
    (802) 224-7252

    Phil Lord originally started at 802 Toyota on the sales team in early 2014, he made the switch to a Service Advisor in 2017 and moved onto be a Parts Consultant in 2018.

    Phil's favorite food is General Tso's chicken and his favorite place to eat is Applebees. His first job was stocking coolers and his favorite place to travel to is back to his hometown in New Hampshire. If he could own any car it would be a Nissan GT-R R34. He likes working at 802 Toyota because he enjoys making the customers happy.

    Phil is originally from the Lake Sunapee Region of New Hampshire but now lives in Montpelier, VT. He has two daughters, Kamryn Paige and Karlee Rayne.

  • Dan Paquette
    Parts Consultant
    (802) 224-7246

    Dan has been married since 1977 and he's not sure why she gets upset when he says that it feels like forever. He has two sons and a daughter. 

    In his free time he enjoys going to car shows with his sons and seeing new bands with all of his children (which helps him get into different genres of music). He has seen Aerosmith twelve times in concert and considers himself stuck in 1970's. Dan loves playing baseball, volleyball and softball. In 2009, Dan got into the Guinness World Records for playing in the Largest Snow Softball Tournament (795 people, 61 teams)! 

    Dan says he likes working at 802 Toyota because of "being able to help people get the correct part to get them going. It's always great to make them happy!"

  • Lucas Manchester
    Reconditioning Manager
    (802) 224-7280

    Lucas is a woodchuck (woodchuck= not as rough as a redneck) country boy that wears many hats at the dealership -- from his title as reconditioning manager to maintenance, plowing, and daily hands on with all the used inventory at 802 Toyota. He is the Jack of all trades, master of none! Lucas is a die hard Red Sox fan and his favorite place to travel to is Fenway Park. He loves spending his free time with his family and working on his '79 Chevrolet Nova, but if he could have any car it would be a 1969 Yanko Camaro. Lucas has a beautiful girlfriend Laurie, and three children named Billie, Boston, and John.

  • Kathryn Richardson
    Chief Accountant

    More about Kathy will be coming soon!

  • Polly Smith
    Office Manager
    (802) 224-7230

    Polly Smith has been working at 802 Toyota for 16 years and likes working here because "the dealership gives back to the community and to the employees." She enjoys black coffee and eating at Black Rock Steakhouse in Springfield, VT. If she could have any vehicle it would be a 2017 Toyota Sienna XLE AWD! She loves to read just about anything and quilting for her friends and family. 

    Polly is the youngest of 10 children and has been married to her best friend for 40 years. They have 1 son, 3 grand children and 3 great grandchildren. She also has a 9 year old Peke Pug named Roxie!

  • Janet Hatch
    Staff Accountant
    (802) 224-7254

    Janet is a Norwich University graduate who has lived in Vermont almost her entire life. She also spent time living in Florida, and she's been involved in the movie theater or video movie business for most of her life! 

    Janet, who says she could spend every day of her life at the beach loves horseback riding, autumn, watching Norwich University hockey, and her Golden Retriever, Cookie.

  • Alex Drew
    Digital Media Specialist
    (802) 224-7233

    Alex, also known as "Stewie", "Drewbie" and "Lex" is a lefty who loves both sushi and Thai Food, although his favorite restaurant is Positive Pie in Montpelier. His biggest fear is the IRS, and if he were a car he'd be the Toyota RAV4, "because I'm efficient, practical and I'm multifaceted." 

    The best concert he's ever been to was the Black Keys, his favorite movie is Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls and his favorite song is Red Red Wine by UB40. If he could travel anywhere in the world it would be to Italy, but his favorite Vermont destination is Morse Farm. 

    Alex loves working at 802 Toyota because he gets to know new people and learn about what excites them in a car, as well as his great coworkers, customers. 

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