We Need Your Trade!

Due to market conditions, there is a high demand for quality, pre-owned vehicles.
You may be eligible to upgrade to a brand new vehicle with the exchange program for a similar or lower payment.

The Lease End Return Specialists will help you upgrade you to a newer, safer, more reliable vehicle while keeping you at a similar or lower monthly payment. 

What's in it for me you may ask?

The Lease End Return program is designed to focus on the needs of the customer to help them get a new vehicle, at a similar or lower monthly payment, without the hassle of the "standard" car buying experience. With our Lease End Return Program You Can:

  • Drive Home in a New Vehicle
  • Get Above Market Value for Your Vehicle
  • Keep a Similar or Lower Payment
  • Have a Lower Cost of Ownership
  • Receive No-Cost ToyotaCare Maintenance
  • Get Better Financing Terms

For more information, please contact a Return Specialist at (802) 229-9117 or fill out the contact form!

Toyota Lease End Return Center
How to prepare for vehicle for lease return:
Examine your vehicle for possible excessive wear and tear and make any necessary Toyota repairs -- otherwise it may cost you a surcharge upon your lease return. If you do think your vehicle has excessive use, be sure to contact us, and we'll provide you with a complimentary inspection. You will want to do this 15 to 60 days before your lease maturity date.

Be sure the following is in your returned vehicle:

  • Toolkit, mats and spare tire, if applicable.
  • All sets of keys -- including masters, remotes and valet -- if applicable.
  • Owner's manuals.
  • Any original equipment on your vehicle at lease inception, including but not limited to radio, headrests, 3rd-row seat, tonneau-cargo cover, etc.

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